What readers are saying…

This book was a real pleasure to read

An exciting plot, strong characters that interact in genuine ways and develop/grow as the tale goes on, excellent world-building and a great group of supporting characters. Add on someone who actually writes well and this is a clear winner.

~The Mysterious Amazon Customer (Amazon Reviewer)

A wonderful read

great cast of three-dimensional characters, a deliciously disturbed villain that somehow manages to be believable as he is deranged, a strong original story that takes on some pretty hard themes, and a unique take on high fantasy that's very refreshing, especially after years of overexposure to bad Tolkien clones.

~Virate190 (Amazon Reviewer)

The author delivered with this…

(Gives) readers a wonderfully formed circle of characters, setting, plot, and climax.

~Christina L (Amazon Reviewer)

About the author

Robin Lythgoe

Robin Lythgoe writes stories that take place in fantastic worlds and usually involve swords, magic, and dragons. Now and then she's even been known to pen short horror tales. Fueled by dark chocolate.

She currently lives in Happy Valley with her artistic husband.